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Hi, I’m Mike Colquhoun.  Let me explain that I trade as Body Work Therapy and I practice Musculo/Skeletal/Lymphatic Therapy.

I’ve been working as a masseur since 1987 and I love the job. I first realised I was hooked when I found myself reading text books for recreation. I’m afraid I’m still that sad little geek! I just love how the body works and can’t learn enough about it.

So after basic training I.T.E.C. [International Therapy Examination Council] Anatomy and Physiology, Massage, Sports Massage, Aromatherapy and Stress management, I went on to take the A.P.N.T [Association of Physical and Natural Therapists] course in Massage Therapy and Body-work which was the best and the most advanced at that time, but then I.T.E.C. brought out their Holistic Clinical Honours Diploma so I took that and passed with Distinction.


I also taught I.T.E.C Anatomy and Physiology, Holistic Massage and Sports Massage within Adult Education to professional levels and in order to do so obtained a Certificate in Education through the University of Plymouth. The college also had me teaching Aromatherapy and Massage classes for family and friends. So from a start in the first year of fourteen pupils, over five short years we built to over a hundred students per year.

As well as developing my skills within my Clinic and devouring research, I spent some years teaching post graduate classes in things like Neuro Muscular Technique, Lymphatic Drainage, Muscle Energy Technique and other advanced techniques.

Since then I have specialised in Mobilisation based on an Osteopathic understanding of how the muscles and joints work and how the fluids interact with the rest of the tissues. I regularly read research for fun and wake up each morning with the happy thought that I will be seeing more complex problems and nice new challenges to-day and I get to meet and help such a variety of wonderful people.

You see because I work slowly, thoroughly and methodically during each session I get excellent results but of course this means I have to charge for an hour rather than ten minutes. So my patients are self selecting for those who have tried others and, had any of those succeeded, I would not be seeing them. I get the difficult problems to solve. Lucky me. You see I’m usually successful within two or three sessions and I know of no other way of obtaining the sensation of walking on air for a couple of days other than having a patient’s quality of life dramatically improve as a direct result of what you have done for them.
Musculo / Skeletal / Lymphatic Therapy was developed from a combination of Advanced Remedial Massage & Body Work, Sports Massage Therapy and Lymphatic Drainage over the last twenty years.

Its aim is to remedy the musculoskeletal and lymphatic problems that we all develop over time using holistic Massage techniques.

These are fail-safe techniques like Mobilisation, Neuro Muscular Technique, Muscle Energy Technique, Isometrics, Vibration.

It has developed from existing knowledge of advances in massage techniques combined with new knowledge from recent research in Anatomy, Osteopathy, Physiotherapy, Chiropractic, Structural Integration and Massage. The research appeared for many years to just be advancing quite separately in several directions; Muscles, Skeletal, Lymphatic and Connective Tissue as separate systems but recently developed theories tied them together again and the combined thinking formed a whole new way of understanding the body. The way in which all the separate sections interact explains why known techniques work and how, in some instances, they can be applied slightly differently or in combination so that they become more effective. This new way of looking at the body made clear the importance of thoroughness. This knowledge when put to the test of actual long term pain proves to be extremely effective and so creates this new Therapy.
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