It would be most helpful if you note any changes after a session to discuss at your next session. You may find that you intuitively know what would help and if you tell us you will probably find you are right.

Sometimes the first couple of days after the first treatment or two are quite difficult but the body soon learns to accept this ‘new’ experience as being of benefit to it. ‘Steamrollered’ is a common expression used to describe this experience. Unpleasant but beneficial. You may feel tired after the first couple of sessions for as much as a day. Since, if you do, this is your body ridding itself of toxins, it is highly beneficial to you. M.E. patients can look forward to this happening after most visits but with improved energy levels to follow.

If your body has been misaligned for many years when it is put right you may experience a form of shock, it will only last for ten minutes and will occur probably while you are still on the couch though it can be up to two hours after a treatment. Should you experience this you may feel slightly sick, cold, even shivery or dizzy, don’t worry, it will quickly pass off and will not recur. You should stop and rest until it passes especially if you are driving or handling machinery. More probable are a few aches as though you had been working hard, this is because we will make muscles work that even an athlete hardly uses, again this is good but should only last for a day or two at most. All of these symptoms are worst after the first couple of sessions, as your body becomes used to the readjustments it reacts less and less.

We will try to call you in a couple of days to ensure that you are not worrying, but should you wish to talk to us about anything please do call; after 8 pm. is usually a good time.

Since your recommendation is how we find most of our new Patients, we are very interested in your views on our business, particularly your dislikes. Please do let us know.

Below are some helpful hints, so until your next appointment we hope you are able to enjoy much improved health.



1. If a treatment becomes too ‘personal’, or you are in the least bit worried that it might or if you are just ”uncomfortable” with any aspect of the treatment, then you have a duty to say so at the time. There is no embarrassment about this as we all have different levels of tolerance about such things which is part of the Joy of life.

2. If a new patient mentions that it was your recommendation that decided them to come, you will be registered for half price at your next session.

3. That a session with us is a combined effort to relieve your problems and that we are most unlikely to succeed without your active help. Say ‘Oww’ when it’s tender.  ‘More Pain’ far from being ‘More Gain’ is actually less effective treatment as the body will always resist Pain and that will mean residual tension.

4. To keep us informed of any sensation, however distant, related to what we are doing, especially tell us if you are in pain from the treatment, we may know it’s hurting but we have no idea how much, more pain is not more gain, so tell us when it’s hurting and we normally ease right off.

5. One alcoholic drink after a session may take you ‘over the limit’ for driving.

6. Should you find a treatment does not work for you and you have an idea why that might be, please let us know, it may help us to be more effective and so help others.

7. That we interfere with the natural healing process and reduce the bodies overreaction to allow use and less pain, however the over reaction is there as a safety measure to prevent us doing more damage, so if a Therapist reduces the overreaction and allows painless movement the damage is still there and the healing is yet to happen and caution needs to be exercised while waiting for the healing to take place which will in all likelihood take weeks or months.

8. Look on our web site it probably has something helpful about your condition.

9. If you have not been for a while remember to tell us of any changes, new medication, pregnancy or an accident or illness.

10.  Don’t get too hot immediately after a treatment as you may pass out.

11.  To please give us as much notice as possible if cancelling. Two working days at least.