If you would like to attend a Masterclass or organise one you will see and be able to assess for yourself the power of this therapy to relieve many painful conditions and it will show you a way in which you could help relieve much suffering.
Please contact us to talk about a Masterclass for Your Self, Friends, College, School or Association. with details of experience and prefered venue.
For our BLySS Therapists’ Booklet FREE Leave a request with your business’s name as well as your Name, e-mail and Phone No. For our Patient’s leaflets ‘Contrast Bathing’ or ‘BLySS’ just your name and email address with a message saying ‘CB’ or ‘BLySS’ is sufficient.
We treat and we teach,
We demonstrate techniques to groups of Therapists in MASTERCLASSES
WE are based in Devon on the end of the M5, so we can get to you easily
Masterclasses are run for any group of six to sixty Therapists. All that is needed is two Patients per day with a range of suitable problems.
If you’ve read the site you’ll have a good idea of the problems MUSKELYM can hope to alleviate.
Whilst large classes keep costs to a minimum and serve as a good ‘taster’, serious learning of the techniques is really only possible in small groups.
Masterclasses can be run for associations, schools and colleges or any group of therapists with a suitable venue..
We recommend that a Basic Massage Qualification for at least three years and a basic sports / remedial therapy qualification for at least one year are a minimum for those wishing to attend small classes to get the best from them.
Our Therapist’s book is only available to those attending a course.
If you would like to see some excellent research in this area try this magazine. Manual Therapy Journal .
Masterclasses can be run for any group of therapists with a suitable venue, If you would like to organise a day all you need to do is arrange a venue, at least six therapists and two patients. You might make a small profit on the day.
A quote from Marion who is talking here about setting up a Masterclass after attending one herself:-
“With regard to the therapists, I think the approach is close your mind to everything you know and start thinking again and just go with that. It’s a different approach and if they are coming out half as buzzy as I did, you did a good job!!”
This masterclass was brilliantly organised by Judith Gunion who contacted therapists in her area [from friends and association memberships] and booked a day in a class room in the clinic she normally works in. As she said the most difficult bit was insisting that payment be made to secure the booking.
However she was so successful that we had twelve booked. We were a very mixed bunch of therapists, predominately Massage Therapists and Sports Massage Therapists from a variety of training schools, a Physiotherapist, an Osteopath, Shiatsu, Kinesiology, Cranio Sacral Therapists, Spinal Touch therapist, Bowen, Deep Oscillation, and an Equine Massage therapists, two were trained in Vodder Technique Manual Lymphatic Drainage and I agreed with them that the BLySS breathing pump is best used as an addition to Manual Lymphatic Drainage.
We had two really lovely Patients and after a brief introduction to the subject went straight to work on them.
The first, a chap called Rick had a pain behind the left scapula, the second a lovely lady called Margaret also had a pain behind the left shoulder blade. So apparently the same problem at first glance.
Of course, not so, they turned out to have completely different causes and effects on the patient’s general health.
Both problems were old in origin and had had very different effects over the years and unravelling the clues and sorting out the problems that these gave rise to was stimulating. We found connections between old physical injuries and present pain on the other side of the body; or right through the body causing adhesions and lymphatic blockages, these adhesions had been brought on by the prolonged muscle spasms and we speculated on the effects this might have on the digestive system and the endocrine system.
We went on to deal with whiplash in necks and reduced a couple of these in the class among whom we also found psoas/iliacus/diaphragm spasm; R.S.I.; Gluteus Minimus / adductor magnus spasm; and lost curvature of the upper spine and discussed the problems this would give rise to.
On a real ‘High’ but exhausted we staggered off to our homes.

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